The Game of Bingo is Proving with Celebrities

We like to focus on fashion here at COSIGN Magazine and you will find the latest news on all your favorite celebrities right here as well. Our readers are diverse and culturally aware and we aim to ensure that our content reflects this. However, we also like to look into at other industries for a bit of fun every now and then and recently we’ve been reading about the game of bingo making a comeback. Indeed, the game is back in fashion with one key celebrity having been spotted on a night out at her local bingo hall.

Is Bingo Making a Comeback?
That’s right the one and only Abbey Clancy was spotted at her local bingo club and the glamorous wife of Peter Crouch raised eyebrows when she recently posted pictures of herself on a night out with friends at the bingo. This isn’t the first celebrity to have endorsed the game with others such as Paddy McGuinness and Kerry Katona having recently signed sponsorship deals with various online bingo platforms so is the game making a comeback?

There can be no denying that the game has declined in popularity over the last decade. This has been due to a number of factors notably the rise of the online game. These days players are more likely to play on sites such as www.bingosweets.com rather than take the trip down to their local bingo club. This has sadly led to the closure of many bingo clubs across the UK and beyond with the smoking ban having also had a pretty profound impact on the land-based game.

The Changing Demographics

However, it is not all doom and gloom for bingo players and recent figures have suggested that land-based bingo is picking up again the UK. While the numbers may not be increasing dramatically, the demographics of bingo players is actually beginning to change. What we mean by this is that the general range of players playing the game is changing. You would perhaps think of bingo as a game for the older generation but the game is attracting a younger audience like never before.

New figures have revealed that the game is attracting a more diverse player base than ever before with many bingo halls across the UK continuing to enjoy thousands of visitors every week. Bingo halls used to be converted cinemas but now they are entire leisure complexes. Old-style card as still used but more and more players are using the handheld terminals that are found in most halls. Even the older customers are now beginning to use iPads and smartphones.

With all of this in mind, you could argue that bingo is on the up again. It may not reach the glory days of old but there is certainly a change in the way that people are consuming the product and with celebrities such as Abbey Clancy enjoying the game, we can certainly see others following suit. We will bring you more news on this subject should we get it.

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