ThatKidCam finally releases his latest body of work titled. “2nd First Impression” which is 14 songs of greatness! The EP is fully produced by super producer J.Rhodes and only comes with a few features which is perfectly fine by me when Cam blesses us with some of the best verses I’ve heard in 2014.. Not locally, but period! My favorite and most relatable tracks of the EP would have to be “Chasing Stars“, “The Goonies”, and “Bad Impressions” which features one of Cosign’s favorite artists -topic. Take the time to receive the underlying message that is given throughout the project, which is don’t be afraid to be yourself, accept that you’re unique and own it.

Cam takes the time out to give his own take on the project:

“In search of trying to find myself, I made a discovery that would ultimately change the way I view the trials and tribulations that I’ve come up against.

At first glance your demons may seem overwhelming. They may seem like more than you can handle, but at second glance you’ll realize all the demons you’ve had to face up until this point are part of the reason why you are who you are now.”

I salute ThatKidCam for making this project personable.  Sharing your story through music shines light on who you are as an artist and person. Cam did an amazing job of translating his life experiences into 14 songs that you can hear the honesty and passion throughout the tone of his voice as he spits his lyrics fiercely to ensure that his message is heard. Please do yourself a favor and download/stream “2nd First Impression” below and follow ThatKidCam on twitter at @ThatKidCamMusic. This project will definitely make an impactful 2nd First Impression for ThatKidCam!


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