Speaking of SXSW, did any of you guys happen to be at the Illmore Mansion when TDE busted up in there? They were allllll the way live that night! So live that the upstairs floor cracked when Kendrick Lamar performed m.A.A.d city. SayBrea happened to catch this moment of craziness on camera. This was definitely one of the craziest moments at the Illmore. I personally couldn’t believe what was really happening. Peep the video above to relive this moment.

Words from us here at CoSign ::

We just want to say to Sascha, Claire, all of ScoreMore, and the Illroots, that we see you guys working hard and to have a turn out like this…its just incredible. It’s surprisingly surprising, in a sense that everyone knows your events are going to be like this, but I think this night really set the standard that you guys cannot be touched.  With barely any promotion, you have hundreds of people lined up at your events. You have all the major artists just coming to kick it at your parties. We’ve got mad respect for all of you guys over there and want you to know that we definitely #Cosign everything you guys are doing. Congrats on all of your hard work and success. Keep it up!


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