COSIGN Conversations 65: Angela Lewis

Angela Lewis aka Louie from Snowfall Shares Why Louie Went Against Franklin, Working w/ John Singleton, Motherhood, & More In our most recent #COSIGNConversations Podcast we sat down with Angela Lewis aka Louie from #SnowfallFX to discuss motherhood, family, how playing Louie has helped her in her personal life, things she’s learned from the late […]

COSIGN Conversations 62: DeAndre Brown aka The Corporate Baddie

How To Build A Social Media Audience By Being Relatable + How To Be A Corporate Baddie In this #COSIGNConversations podcast we sat down with the Corporate Baddie, DeAndre Brown to talk about influencing, TikTok and Instagram, being relatable, Corporate America, and being a corporate baddie, plus more. DeAndre Brown is a 22 year old […]

COSIGN Conversations 59: Kris D. Lofton

Kris D Lofton On How Power Changed His Life + Biz Advice For Upcoming Actors & Wha’t He’s Learned From Keanu Reeves, The Rock, & 50 Cent In this episode of COSIGN Conversations we sat down with Kris D. Lofton also known as Jenard from Power Book IV: Force. Kris shared his story of how […]

COSIGN Conversations 010: Jacoby Veals, Founder of Veals Fitness

In this interview we chat with Jacoby Veals, Fitness Trainer, Influencer, and Entrepreneur based in Dallas, TX. He tells us how he went from 315 pounds to the best shape in his life and how he was training Dallas rapper C Struggs before he passed away. If you like videos like this PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to […]

COSIGN Conversations 007: Maxie Taylor, Founder of Goodieboxx

In this interview we sat down with Maxie Taylor, CEO of GoodieBoxx headquartered in Dallas, TX. Goodieboxx is leading the revolution in creating intuitive automated stores to simplify the shopping experience for retailers and customers alike. Find out how this idea came into fruition and how much capital Maxie had to put up to fund […]

COSIGN Conversations 006: Greg Martel, Founder of SHAiR Your Car

In this interview we chat with Greg Martel, Founder & CEO of SHAiR and Shop Your Own Mortgage. After 19 years in the mortgage industry witnessing countless people trying to scrape together a way to pay their mortgage, founder and CEO Greg Martel, had an epiphany. What if there was a way to turn cars […]

COSIGN Conversations 003: DaniLeigh

In this interview DaniLeigh talks about her new album, “Movie”, which out of the 5 love languages she relates to, places to visit in the DR, and how much truth is in Movie. If you like videos like this PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to our channel, like, comment, and share with your friends.