Local artist, Lucid Lee Yin Shinobi better known by his stage name Lucid Shinobi strives to bring back music with meaning in his latest project “Luc-iD”. While the singles and visuals were originally about personal experiences Shinobi went through, the state of the world in the past year provided a new narrative. The inspiration for Luc-iD came from a desire to bring purposeful music into spaces where music lacks emotional experiences.

“Creating music starts with me experiencing life,” said Shinobi. “I feel like it’s my responsibility to take those experiences and provide content that helps people connect, especially during a time where emotions are running high. Music should be an outlet that gives everyone an opportunity to live in the present and experience their feelings.”

With the world still being on edge from events like the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter Movement, Shinobi believes that’s why punk music is so popular in relation to expressing emotions. The artist’s recent and upcoming singles, including “Sussin” and “Kiss Me” follow suit by taking listeners back to that fun punk time that Blink 182 inspired in the early 2000s. 

The Black Lives Matter Movement specifically played a large part in inspiring “Luc-iD” for Shinobi, being an activist in his community. On the front lines, he was advocating not just for civil change, but the protection of young protesters. This led to several outlets highlighting his role in the social movement, including The Star-Telegram, Fort Worth Weekly, The New Daily, and Downtown Fort Worth, INC. He feels that his hunger for freedom can be heard through his lyricism but not letting it control his ability to be happy by staying consistent with the overall empowering sound.

“Experiencing the growth of Lucid Shinobi over the past three years, I firmly believe that his current project, Luc-iD, is going to move listeners,” said Shinobi’s manager, Blake Labella. “No matter what your taste is in music, you’re going to relate to his purpose of creating a space where connection is the solution to all your problems.”

Shinobi is well-known among Fort Worth’s nightlife with performances around West 7th and packing out underground parties with his crew, playing music heavily influenced by Asian and Alternative culture. He also speaks three languages which allow him to use the power of communication to connect with almost anyone, pushing his purpose beyond the Metroplex.

Lucid-iD is a project encompassing three singles and visuals to be released throughout the Fall and Wintertime. The debut single “Sussin” is available on all major streaming platforms including iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. The following single “Kiss Me” is set to release at the end of October with a final release for “Calibrate” in early December.

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