Steve Aoki “Kolony” Tour
All photos by: Ian Ribail | @ir_shoots

The lineup consisted of:
-Party Pupils
-Grand Theft
-Steve Aoki

Party Pupils consists of two DJs that played hits from the 90’s with their own twist. One DJ danced and kept the crowd entertained while the other did his DJ-thing. While it was still early in the night, the crowd was on and off throughout their set.

Grand Theft had more EDM style/based music. The crowd responded better and was more into his set. He brought out Bok Nero throughout his set, and also MΛX (one of the DJs from Party Pupils) to perform their new song together “Square One.”

Deorro stood out with his use of visuals and music, which tied together beautifully. His mixes and mash-ups with popular Mexican songs were complimented by sugar skulls of different shapes and colors. It had a very California feel to it.

Desiigner was Desiigner. Crazy. Live. Full of energy. He had the crowd ging crazy and signing along. He jumped into the crowd and crowd surfed two to three times. And while still a fairly new artist, the amazing chemistry he had with Steve Aoki was reminiscent of a veteran.

Steve Aoki came out, confetti cannon a blazing. After letting off a few shots from the cannon, he jumped into all of the music from his 2017 “Kolony” album, which included hits with T-Pain, 2 Chainz, and Lil Uzi Vert, among others. He worked the booth just as well as he worked the stage, keeping all of the fans engaged, and even handed out bottles of water while he was performing. He stopped the show briefly and brought out a special guest, Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott, to take a selfie with the crowd to document the tour. The show resumed and was an amazing display of smoke, colorful lights and visuals. At one point, he brought up random guests on stage to dance along. Then it was time for “Cake Face.” Desiigner came back out to join in the festivities of smashing cakes in lucky fans’ faces. And while in the regular world, this would be a problem, the crowd loved every second of it. To end the show he handed out autographed shirts as well as autographing shirts and hats thrown on stage.

It was my first EDM show and with an experience like this one, it won’t be my last.


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