Star, leader of the SFS Souf collective is gearing up to release his first solo project titled, “When Stars Align.” In recent discussions he’s stated that he’ll be dropping new music frequently to get the buzz going for the upcoming project and to let the city know he can rap with the best of them. Coming a day after the NCAA Champion ship game Star releases his version of, “Draft Day.” When asked if their was any significance to the record and the game Star answers: “Draft Day. Teddy Bridgewater an Julius Randle. A flow for the Underdog because I feel like I still am one.” While spitting vivid truths over the new Drake record Star illustrates recent stories and personal growths since he’s decided to put his all into making it in the music industry.

Peep some notable lyrics:
“I know you seen me out at South By with Yo Favorite Rappers, Courtesy KG an Jay Wil my favorite blog trappers”
“Most of the Time the Underdog ain’t rooted for, until you in the final four, or so great that they can’t ignore”

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Peep “Draft Day” below:

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