Considering Dallas is filled with musicians, whether it be hip-hop, R&B, or DJs, we have decided to start a new weekly post giving the spotlight to producers we find around the nation, and some even in other countries! We feel like this might give all of our artists a go-to outlet to find beats, but at the same time, not actually having to look to hard. We’ll do all the searching for you! That being said, the first producer I ran across while going about my research was a fellow by the name of Esta. The first track I had heard of his was titled Sea of Desire. I immediately thought, “Okay, so-and-so could totally murder this beat.” I found myself saying that to quite a few of his tracks to be honest! These beats were just…awesome. The production is great and there’s definitely variety in the sounds! A few of my favorites are “Quadron”, “What’s It Gonna Make”, and “The Game”. Check out Esta’s latest project titled Gradient and let us know what you think! If you like some of his beats, get at this man!

Here is the whole EP! http://soulection.bandcamp.com/album/gradient

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