All Photos By: Chris Mitchell
Words By: Chris Panayiotou

“Cocaine is a hell of a drug.” They knew that, but what they didn’t know was what the results of their actions would be. Teddy was in it for country and Franklin was in it for family, yet they both were flooding the streets with powder and rocked up cocaine. Yes, FX’s Snowfall premiered the first episode of season two last night in Dallas, a full week before the rest of the world will see it, and the city turned out for the event.

On a stormy night in the DFW Metroplex, we converged on Studio Movie Grill for the red carpet event, which featured the new episode, a Q&A session and interviews with two of the stars and the executive producer. The season two premiere felt different from season one, and not to give away any spoilers, but four months have passed and the drug game is rolling, for all parties involved. Franklin is running his neighborhood with Avi as his connect, Lucia and Gustavo are working with Teddy, and all is well until ….  Things do get complicated, to say the least, but for fans of season one, complications are nothing new for any of these characters, and their journey, both personally and in maneuvering around said complications, has been what has drawn us in.  If I say any more, I’ll be ruining it for you.

DJ Bay Bay hosted the event and conducted the Q&A session which included Dave Andron (co-creator, executive producer and writer), Carter Hudson (CIA agent Teddy McDonald) and Damson Idris (Franklin Saint), who allegedly has been notorious on this promo run for “being in the restroom” to make a fashionably late yet grand entrance to the venue.  They discussed a variety of aspects of the show and characters, as they saw them, and then took questions from the audience. I had the opportunity to speak with each of these gentlemen on the red carpet, after the Q&A, and we discussed the political ramifications of the characters’ actions in the early 80’s, the psyche of the people they play and even the technical aspects of recreating 1983 in 2018.  Each of the men, from different perspectives, understood the sobering reality of what this era would mean for the future of the U.S., and the importance of portraying the story, while historical fiction, in the most accurate way possible. After an amazing start to season two, we look forward to many seasons ahead, a sentiment echoed by all in attendance, including those that had not seen season one.

Stay tuned to COSIGNMag.com for my interviews with the Snowfall cast and tune in July 19 to FX for the season two of Snowfall.

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