Today marks day 12 of the Official DiveHiFlyLo Countdown! We decided to bring you, yet another exclusive, never-before-seen video of A.Dd+’s Slim Gravy singing Happy Birthday to a fan in the crowd. Sure, Slim has sang Happy Birthday to plenty of fans in the crowd at their shows, but this one…this was one of those videos you watch over and over just to see someone’s facial expression. The footage is from last year when A.Dd+ performed in Denton at a venue called Rubber Gloves. As you can see, the birthday boy was in complete shock. All he could do was throw his hands in the air, look around at everyone and think “HOLY SHIT. SLIM GRAVY IS REALLY SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.” He looked like he was at a total loss for words. Wouldn’t you be in shock too if one of your favorite artists decided to personally sing Happy Birthday to you at their show? I know I would. I might shed a tear to be honest. But anyways, check the video out, watch it again if you want. And be sure to keep rocking with Cosign Magazine’s Official DiveHiFlyLo Countdown.

By the way, shout out to that dude if you’re happening to see this post. You most definitely win the award for “Best Shocked Face” of the year. We #Cosign that.

You know what to do G.

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