SayBrea, Coolbeings photographer for many of Dallas, will be doing $75 photos all next week for next week ONLY. NO BOOKING FEES EITHER! Whether you have an event going on and need a dope photographer, or whether you need a photo shoot for your own personal use, SayBrea has got you on that! She originally charges $250 with a booking fee and booking requirements due to her being so busy, but she has some time next week to make everyone’s lives a little bit easier, so take advantage of this offer! You pick the location, you pick your props, you basically are the decision maker for next week.

A little info about SayBrea ::

She probably has taken photos of your favorite hip hop artist…anyone from local artists to even HUGE artists such as Juicy J. You name em! She shoots at almost all of the hip-hop shows going on in Dallas and goes down to Austin quite a bit to shoot at shows down there. Also, she shot the cover of issue 5 with A.Dd+. Even our fam over at Chan-Lo.com has SayBrea shooting for the site. As you can see, she’s a very in-demand photographer, and she wants to dedicate next week to working with a bunch of people she has never worked with. So don’t be shy! Let’s get you in front of that lens!

For booking, contact Coolbeings photographer SayBrea at saybrea@cosignmag.com, or hit her up on twitter at @breacoolbeings! Or you can always tweet @CosignMag hashtagging #SayBrea #CosignLife and we’ll get you set up!

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