To celebrate the launch of his new line S2, Harlem native turned Dallas genius SmithThe2nd chose to thrown an exlusive event at the city’s own Dallas Contemporary. The high fashion designer diverted from the usual runway presentation, to bring us an up close look at his new creation in an intimate setting. With a DJ on hand to spin eclectic tunes and an array of drinks to sip on, Smiththe2nd gave us a peek into his world of allure and artistry. Ladies and gentlemen, he does NOT let us down. Continuing to push the envelope, he takes us on a bold adventure of blacks and whites where there are no limits. The S2 line will give any woman that boost of confidence she may lack or confirm the roar within the lioness that is brought out when called upon. Smith’s line will give you the opportunity to put down the Vogue you’re reading and be that person who’s style you admire and crave to get a taste of. We Cosign the S2 collection!! #CosignLife

Twitter: @SmithThe2nd
Instagram: @SmithThe2nd

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