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Artist: Rockie C

Bry Jones for Cosign Mag (CM)

 Bry (CM): Give me a light intro; let the people know who you are and what you’re out here doing.

Rockie: I’m Rockie C (@_RockieC) from Dallas, TX and I’m a female MC. I’ve been working alongside DJ Duffey (@iwantdjduffey) for about a year now, and I just released my first mix tape titled, “Born 2 Rock”.

CM: I remember seeing you for the first time at a hip hop showcase in 2012 and to watch your journey from then to now, I salute you and your grind. But, how do you feel about your own personal growth as an artist?

Rockie: I feel like I’ve grown so much, because a lot has changed for me. Back then when you saw me, I wasn’t under any management like I am now and was just out there experimenting. I was still trying to get comfortable performing, getting into the booth and all of that. Overall, I definitely grew a lot, from my appearance, to my music and just being better guided with my work in general.

CM: What was it that made you start rapping officially?

Rockie: I had some homeboys from “Paper Chaserz” and I would always give them input on what I thought was hot for them and their songs but they didn’t listen so I thought I could do it myself. Poetry has always been my comfort zone so I was timid about rapping but once one of my friends asked me to do a feature on a song, I went in and did it and I’ve been going in ever since.

CM: Do you feel like the term “Female MC” is a label in itself?

Rockie: I don’t necessarily hate the term but I do think that it is a label. It bothers me to hear people say it because as of right now, I don’t feel like there’s any competition in Dallas, whether it be male or female. I’m counting the dudes too, but especially as far as female rappers go in the D, I nipped that in the bud.

CM: “Born 2 Rock” is your first mixtape, your first born baby, if you will. How do you feel the city is responding to you and your music?

Rockie: Overall the mix tape hasn’t received anything but love. I haven’t gotten any negative comments, people that I don’t know personally are showing love as well. I’m doing everything with the tape that I said I would, I pushed hard copies in Austin at SXSW and now it’s available on DatPiff and LiveMixtapes.

CM: How was it going out to SXSW for the first time as an artist?

Rockie: Going down to Austin as an artist as opposed to just going with my friends was great. I got the chance to network, perform, and to promote my music. I took on the opportunity and got the full SXSW experience. I hate that I missed out on Dom Kennedy and YG but other than that, I had a real cool time.

CM: Now that you’ve got a taste of performing outside of your city, do you think the rumor that “Dallas doesn’t show Dallas love” have some truth behind it?

Rockie: It is somewhat true, I see it everyday. But at the same time you have to build a fan base, you’ve got to do shows, you’ve got to put in the work. Just  because you’re putting out music doesn’t mean that it’s good. Even your biggest hater will listen to you, if it’s good. It’s possible to get out of the little funk that Dallas has and excel, I’m proof. We just need more business minded people and more out of the box thinking.

CM: Tell me how it is working with DJ Duffey. I could feel her energy through your tape and you two seem to have a good chemistry with each other.

Rockie: Being with Duffey is always a great time, she’s “the turn up”. I’m more of a chill person and she’s the exact opposite. She brings that side out of me and it makes for a good balance. Duffey has been a blessing in my life, she’s what took my career to the next level and I’m thankful for her having faith in a total stranger and working with me.

CM: You have a track on your tape called “Why Am I Living?” A real deep, spoken word piece that I felt you let your heart out on. Can you tell me more about it?

Rockie: I’m a very expressive person and that track is the kind of poetry that I normally do. I say things that others are scared to say because I feel like whatever I’m going through, there’s somebody out there going through the same thing. People are shocked to hear me spit because of my “pretty girl” look but I try to be as blunt as I can so that somebody out there can relate to exactly what I’m saying.

CM: Is there anything that you’d like to say to those of us watching?

Rockie: This isn’t the end; it’s only the beginning for me. I’m not going to stop with this mixtape and you will continue to hear my music. 2014 has just started and we’ve got a long way to go.

Stream Rockie C’s new project, “Born To Rock” via livemixtapes.com below:

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