The festival of all festivals is here and minus the gloomy weather outside today I’d say it feels like South by South West season. The RSVP’s are closed and the music artists are locked in for this week’s epic celebration of music, and culture. As you venture down to Austin (safely) of course there are a few things you need to make sure you’ve done before hitting the road with your homies. And in case the excitement of getting to Austin has made you forget what all needs to be done I’m here of course to remind you. Below are some pre-SXSW tips I think are a tad necessary to ensure a great trip.

Make a fire playlist

Remember these tunes in the playlist for the ride down are vital to getting you through the 3 hour long drive depending on if you floret or not like I’m sure my ride will do. Make sure you fill your Spotify premium as I use or iTunes for you 2012 folks with massive amounts of music to ensure an extremely fun car ride on the way down. Make sure the designated AUX cord holder knows his role and don’t forget to add in the instrumental beats for random freestyle sessions.

Don’t forget your ID Dude

Last year on 6 Street I heard more than four complaints about forgotten ID’s. Your ID may be as important as your email with all your RSVP links so make sure you got it! If you do get all the way down to Austin and realize you tragically forgot your ID after reading this, I don’t pity you.

Did You RSVP?

Double check to see you RSVP’d to all the events you want to go to. We all know how annoying it can get, but it’s how the game goes.

Pack Snacks

Because for the next four days let’s face it, if you’re not hunting down free beer and food, you’re stuffing your face with Torchy’s Taco’s in between running to different shows. If you pack snacks for the trip down to Austin this can save you a little cash.

Go with an open mind

Sure your main goal is to see YE and other mainstream musical artists but be open minded about catching different shows and seeing different artist’s from diverse genres of music. You may even hear your future favorite band.

Pre-Link with your Austin Friends

I’m not from Austin and about 87% of time I have been there I don’t quite remember which part I was in. Either way, if you got friends in Austin hit them up before getting down there and let them know you may need them to show you the ropes. Sure we got Siri, GPS, and Uber but there’s nothing quite like a good old fashion friend showing you around town.

Have Fun

No matter how your weekend goes, have an awesome time. SXSW only comes once a year, so soak it up, make some friends, keep it classy, and I’ll see you down there!


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