J. Oliver x Post Malone
J. Oliver x Post Malone

“Local Dallas Brands All Come Together For One Epic Night”
Hosted By: Monroe Lounge, COSIGN Magazine, Collective Status, Never Satisfied, Villa Dallas, Guns & Roses Boutique, Party Chaser, Tickled Pink, Black Market, & Triple D Gear

Words by: Carl Modi

The fall of the Roman Empire, the Internet, the election of Barack Obama, the people you call your best friends, the person you fell in love with, the extra chicken tender they gave you on accident at Popeye’s. They all have the same thing in common. They are all highly improbable events with massive impact. They’re unpredictable by nature, although we create the illusion that they weren’t. In science this is called a “black swan event”, and in 2015 this is called Post Malone.

Sunday (June 28) at Monroe Lounge was the homecoming of the young man they’re calling both the Prince of Dallas and the future of hip-hop. Monroe Lounge is no stranger to big names. Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Young Thug, Makonnen, and others have all been past performers. They’ve also had hometown heroes like Dorrough bless the city as well. But something felt different about that night.

Prior to Post Malone’s arrival I asked around to get an idea of what made people come there that night to support him. Hector a Dallas DJ gave a powerful response that summarized everyone’s sentiments. “Look Post Malone is a Dallas artist with a sound that transcends the city. He doesn’t have an identity crisis. He’s true to himself and his craft. At the end of the day he makes great music with no compromises.”

As the night wears on people are becoming restless because Post still isn’t here. Equally at the same time however, the energy is increasing and every inch of Monroe’s black and white checkered floors are becoming more packed. You overhear people screaming their drink orders at the two 6’4, 230 pound bald headed bartenders. Who both look like they should be at a Cowboys training camp or stunt doubles for Tom Lister Jr’s character Deebo from the Friday films.

As the Sauce Twinz’s “2 Legited 2 Quited” blares over the speakers you see the valet parking lot is almost reaching capacity. With each G-Class Benz truck they receive keys to, with each 7 Series BMW vehicle they reverse park into a space it’s becoming clearer that this isn’t a regular night. If you’re a tastemaker, if you’re cultured, if you have a pulse on the city, you’re nowhere else but here tonight.

Then it happens… DJ Q screams, “Alright y’all Post Malone and is in the building.” You feel the breath of the entire venue gasp. Women elbowing men, men elbowing women, everyone fighting for position to get a view of the people’s champ as we walks into his ring, his temple, his nirvana… the stage. As he grabbed the microphone and the flashes of the cameras commenced you saw he wasn’t wearing his signature braids tonight. He had his hair styled into a bun, while wearing a black sweater laced with three gold chains, each carrying a pendant. After he welcomed the crowd and thanked everyone he wasted no time in giving everyone what they came to see. It didn’t matter which song he performed, whether it was “Too Young” which he opened with or “That’s It” which he ended with. It felt like each and every syllable of every bar he rhymed was going to be echoed into eternity.

The classic moment that gave chills in the spines of everyone was during the middle of his performance of “White Iverson”. Towards the end of the song DJ Q abruptly stopped the instrumental and allowed Post to sing the refrain acapella and as he did was quickly drowned out by what felt like was the entire world singing over him “White Iverson! When I started ballin I was young!.. I need that money like the ring I never won!” You could see the infectious smile of Post creep across his face. While showing his signature grill and squinty eyes peering across the room. This was his moment, this was crowning, there’s no looking back now.

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