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[Photos] Crit Life Brings OG Maco to Dallas


For those that missed such a legendary night, please allow us, Cosign Magazine, to cosign all of the tweets, all of the photos, all of the footage. Everything you heard about the OG Maco show IS everything that it was. “Wild”, “turned upside down”, “outta there”, “too crazy”. People were WALKING on top of the crowd, people were crowd surfing left and right, and Crit Life, per usual, had the whole crowd rocking with them the whole night as members Se7en & Crit Morris co-hosted the show. The stage was literally one big party the whole night! This is said so often, but honestly as for 2015 in Dallas, this seriously had to have been THE most live show we’ve seen in Deep Ellum all year. 

We sat down with OG Maco before his performance to talk with him a little bit about his latest project titled “15”, fashion, his recent encounter with the Grammy Award winning co-founder of Def Jam Records, Rick Rubin, and more. You can read this full interview in the new issue, which will be being released in just a few weeks during SXSW! Be sure to hit the release party happening at Status in Austin, TX. As for now, check out the photos from the OG Maco show captured by SayBrea, and our wonderful interning photographer, Blake Lumley.