It’s been another one of those days where I just catch up on my jams and surf soundcloud all day. Today, as I hopped on to the site, an artist by the name of PervaDo had popped up in my feed, featuring his EP titled “ElevatE”. From the very first song, I just had to let this play all the way to the end. The beats, lyrics, flow…I’m digging EVERYTHING about this project! I also love that some of this was produced by Sa’eed. Sa’eed is definitely a favorite of mine! If you haven’t heard Sa’eed’s latest project, “Luna EP”, you’re depriving yourself! As for the rest of the “ElevatE EP”, PervaDo also helped in the production, producing 2 of the tracks himself. Good job on this EP to both Pervado & Sa’eed. I cosign this! Check out the project below.

You can also download the “ElevatE EP” here.

Follow PervaDo @ByPervaDo – Soundcloud link here
Follow Sa’eed @itssaeed – Soundcloud link here

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