[La Musica] Tayvon – “Penguin Squawk”

Tayvon recently released a record titled, “Penguin Squawk” which made me feel like I was “Money Making Mitch” from Paid In Full. The emerging emcee is not only a talented artist but a smart business man because with every release he’s branding #TheColdestPenguinEver. I wouldn’t mind sitting down with Tayvon aka Tayvito soon to talk about the direction and naming of his project. But, peep the record below if you love hip-hop. My favorite thing about Tayvon’s flow is that he’s charasmatic and you can hear the confidence with every bar. Like the homie said he’s not cocky he’s confident. El Jefe #Cosign’s that. #Salute! – @COSIGN_KG aka #ElJefe

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