Choni Mitchell “Peace & Drugs” Review

First and foremost, I’d like to say congratulations to Choni Mitchell for remaining true to hiself and putting together a well developed project. Before, I heard #Peace&Drugs at a private listening session with Choni and his producer I didn’t know what quite to expect. But, after hearing track one I already liked the direction. Listening to #Peace&Drugs can be golden if you have an open mind. If you are a narrow minded individual you might not get the project but you can tell that Choni is going for a specific market. I really want people to listen to the project in full so I won’t go in track by track but what I can say is that this project is like no other. #Peace&Drugs give me a late 90’s, cruising in California feel, with my top down, and no care in the world. It’s honestly some feel good Cali music. As far as content, if you didn’t know Choni Mitchell is a hipster. The subject matter ranges from females, family, hoes, life, drugs, his son, his future, and personal matters. You even have fun interludes on there which you gives you an idea of his character. Even though Choni is a rookie in the game #Peace&Drugs was put together like a well established artist. Some very unique points to the tape are the beat selection, having family members on the track, and expressing pure honesty and his love for his son and girl. I definitely #Cosign the tape and feel that everyone should give it a go.

Pros: Amazing production, dope content, structure of mixtape flows quite well, and very original sound.

Cons: Lack of features to bring a new sound to the tape and depending on audience might want to hear a wide variety of beats.

Overall: #Cosign

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