The debut project from the Atlanta-based collective, OGG, has finally been released! We reviewed the entire thing yesterday, and we just have to give this tape a huge cosign. OGG Everlasting was a strategic move to not only introduce all the artists of the OGG camp, but also to show their talent. And this was done quite successfully.

OG Maco was the first person to make OGG world wide known. When you think about OGG, most people’s first thoughts go straight to OG Maco & his viral track, U Guessed It. However, there is so much more behind the OGG brand. Artists featured on this tape include Larry June, Theo Ferragamo, OG Heisman, Hombre, Kushy Stash, Losa, and of course, the face of OGG, OG Maco. Jose Guapo also had a guest appearance with a verse on track 5, Kushy Stash’s Flex.

Each artist equally got their shine, and that’s a hard thing to do when collectives release projects. I feel like a lot of people were expecting OG Maco to dominate, but he’s honestly only placed 3 feature verses on the tape, and an additional solo track, Movies. This tape was about letting everyone display their own sound and style, not just a specific artist, and that’s one of the things we loved most about this tape.

Some of the artists’ tracks we’d like to put a spotlight on that caught our ears and had us saying, “Ooooo this one though!” included Larry June’s Glock 40, Theo Ferragamo’s Fortune, Losa’s Sauce 4 Dayz featuring Kushy Stash, Hombre & Kushy Stash’s I Feel Like the Plug, and OG Maco’s close-out joint Movies. These are just a few, but the whole tape can be played from beginning to end without having that feeling of, “Eh, I could skip this one.”

Expect to see more coverage on these artists by Cosign Magazine coming soon. We’ll be keeping you updated! Overall, we’re giving this tape a 10 out of 10. Listen below!

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