In episode one of #MoreThanAModel, Adaire Byerly catches up with highly sought out Dallas based model Sukii Moreno. Sukii is an industry favorite and has shot in major national campaigns that includes music, fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. But, who is Sukii? How did she get into modeling? What does she do when she’s not in front of cameras? Watch this episode to find out. “More than a Model” is an interview series that allows popular models a platform to share sides of themselves they have never shared before. In each episode, we dive into stories that may shock you. Not only do you get some insight behind a world that seems so glamorous, you will also break stereotypes, become inspired and experience human connection with some of your favorite faces that you see in the magazines and on the runway. Tune in to experience. There is truly more than what meets the eye.


Hosted by: Adaire Byerly

Adaire Byerly is a 12-year expert in the world of fashion and entertainment, as a professional model and commercial actress.


Produced by: COSIGN Network

Edit/Video by: Tailored Penguin


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