Let’s be honest, the past year has brought unprecedented challenges on everyone. Some would call 2020 the year of the pivot, and I’d agree. If that’s the case, 2021 should be called the year for healing, and that’s what Zulay Henao and Julie Skon are on a mission to do with their upcoming free virtual event called, SOUL REVIVAL, on March 28th.

Modern Muze was founded by two amazing and powerful women. Zulay Henao, a Columbian-American Army veteran, actress, and entrepreneur brings passion, positivity and a powerful mindset to the company. Julie Skon, a writer, philanthropist, and creative entrepreneur brings her expert level content creation and retreat-style event experience. Together they make a an amazing duo.

“Over the course of our friendship Julie and I have been discussing doing something together. We both have different backgrounds but have a similar soul,” says Zulay. From these conversations, Modern Muze was born. “Creating this company, which is two years old now, we’re still a baby but we have found success in creating something that is unique to us and really speaks to us, to our spirit, to our soul, but also to who we are as women and we want to share that.”

For Zulay, going into the military was extremely eye opening for her and changed her life forever. “The military offered me a vision of the world I never seen before,” she says. Post military, Zulay’s journey and newfound career would begin as an actress, as she attended acting school in New York. “Growing up on the East coast as a Latina in the entertainment industry, it was learning how to maneuver all that and how to put those things together to create something powerful for women of all backgrounds. I noticed, as a Latina in the entertainment industry, the glass ceiling is a little bit different, and I’m ok with saying that. I probably wouldn’t have said that prior to my Modern Muze days and that’s why this platform is so empowering for me and I want to share it with other women who share the same experiences. It’s for women in general, we all have our own different versions of the glass ceiling and whatever that looks like for you I want to discuss on this platform.”

“At Modern Muze, we’re dedicated to creating an event that is healing and uplifting, mindset shifting, feels good for the mind and body and where people can connect, men and women, it’s all inclusive,” says Julie. “We want to cut through the deeper, non-surface topics and issues that affect women of color in all aspects of womanhood, through our four pillars of our brand which are called SOUL, SCIENCE, SEX, and SOCIETY.

From this, SOUL REVIVAL was birthed. “We collectively came up with the idea to come together the entire year to create events, virtual or in-person, to create a space where we can be vulnerable and open to what 2020 was for all of us. We brought together a wide range of women to be vulnerable and to walk us through their story of resilience.”

In honor of International Women’s Month, the SOUL REVIVAL extravaganza will feature an amazing lineup of powerful diverse women across a multitude of industries to include entrepreneurs, dentists, doctors, artists, and entertainers. The lineup will also feature Keynote Speaker Dr. Erin Haskell, who will speak on finding your power, passion, and purpose as well as healing and provide resources on how to heal from trauma.

The event will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. Tickets are FREE with an optional $25 donation. Please donate, as your donation helps to support this event and 50% will be donated to NAMI, Urban Los Angeles, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Get your ticket here.

Watch our #COSIGNConversations interview below with Zulay and Julie. 🙂

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