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Migos recently scored their second No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart as Culture II opened atop the board this week!

Released on January 26th, it earned 199,000 equivalent album units in the week ending February 2nd.

But the album wasn’t their only major release that week. In an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood, they dropped the following:


In hip-hop? Nah. All encompassing.

Their explanation: “(Biggest) Ever in hip-hop, pop, all that because every genre is motivated or structured music, is right now off us.”

Bold statements are a part of the culture. Time after time, we’ve seen that the real world and social media world shows love to those that love themselves. Migos is no different.

This is, in fact, their second album to debut at No. 1. Culture, led by Bad and Boujee, held the crown upon its release back in February 2017.

While remaining authentic to the Atlanta sound, they have also found a way to cross over and gain mass appeal, just as the hip-hop genre they fall under has become the No. 1 consumed music genre surpassing rock.  During the Oscars, we saw Apple leveraged their new track “Stir Fry” for an animoji commercial promoting the Apple X.

Is there an argument for Migos being the best group ever? Possibly. Especially if we factor in how much their music has been consumed. It puts them at an advantage against the rest of the field of the past.

How would one define the best group ever? Here’s a list of groups that we would certainly have to consider:

Jackson 5
Wu-Tang Clan
The Rolling Stones
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
A Tribe Called Quest
Boys II Men
Earth, Wind & Fire
The Supremes
The Temptations
The Isley Brothers


There are so many groups in history that could certainly make a strong claim for the poll position in the debate over best group ever, even if the best ever was focused on Hip-Hop, it would certainly be interesting where Migos would fall today.

So, let’s end with a question for you: Where does Migos rank in the best ever discussion? And if the list was only focused on rap, where would you place them?

Let’s hear it!

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