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The Motive Podcast is a platform dedicated to promoting millennials who are movers and shakers in the Dallas community and abroad. The interview style “The Plug” segment, gives guests a place to inspire others to never stop striving for their goals.

Official Mission Statement: An award nominated podcast dedicated to millennials making strides on the ever evolving road to success.

What void does your business fill in your current industry?

The Motive makes it a goal to bring back positivity. There’s a lot of negative energy in the world and we pride ourselves on making our show light and refreshing. We ALWAYS end it with some inspiration known as “The Fuel.”

Tell us three lessons you’ve learned while operating your business.

Three things we’ve learned:

•Support others without ever expecting anything in return.
•If you’re trying to build a brand you must be on the scene making sure everyone knows who you are. Nothing beats organic growth.
•There’s no shame in being vulnerable. The right people will love you for it.

Mentorships are vital, if you could be mentored by anyone in the world who would it be and why?

If we could be mentored by anyone it’d be Kid Fury and Crissele West from the highly acclaimed podcast The Read.

Tell us one thing majority of people don’t know about you.

A lot of people don’t know based off our chemistry that So Kayla and DJ Dawn have only know DJ Waukee, the producer of the Motive, a handful of months. There’s already a bond like no other. Lovin’ the creeewww….

Why do you feel that you should win a COSIGN Award?

We feel we should win because instead of making our show about us and our thoughts and opinions we highlight the accomplishments of others. We like to think of ourselves as true servant leaders in the Dallas community.

Who do you #COSIGN and why?

We #COSIGN JONATHAN JONES because he is truly a man after God’s own heart and someone who constantly builds up those around him.

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