Marcus Johnson Jr.
Founder & Designer of FlyLiōn The Brand

“I want my legacy to live forever, in a positive way. I want what I’ve done to be passed down to generations. Legends are remembered and that’s the status I want. I want my family to know that when it’s all said and done, Marcus Johnson Jr gave his everything to leave his mark.” – Marcus Johnson Jr.

FlyLiōn The Brand | @flylionthebrand
Website: www.flylionthebrand.com

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Marcus Johnson Jr is originally from St. Louis, Missouri but now resides in Dallas, Texas. Growing up he always had an interest in fashion, but it wasn’t until a year ago that the idea of creating his own clothing line came about. “I noticed that I started putting clothes together well and would receive compliments on the way I dressed, then the thought of having my own brand crossed my mind. I always wanted to have something of my own and to one day call myself my own boss. I spent a year thinking of a creative name and learning the history of the business. I recently launched my line in February of 2017,” says Marcus. “I did a ton of brainstorming to come up with the name FlyLiōn. I came up with maybe 10-15 different names before officially choosing this one. This may have been the hardest part of them all. I had a few great names, but they were taken. Doing the background research to see if a name you like is available is heartbreaking. I knew the name FlyLiōn was the name for me. I chose the symbolization of a lion because I love everything a lion stands for. That is the representation of my brand. An individual that delivers under pressure; protects and feeds the family; courageous and powerful. It’s all about being a beast of your own destiny.”

Although Marcus has found his passion and created his own lane, the ride hasn’t been easy. “My biggest struggle at times is that I don’t have a team for different parts of the business. I pretty much have my hands throughout everything regarding my brand,” says Marcus. But, it’s at this early stage in business where you define your company and set your brand’s voice. Having your hand in everything at this stage will ensure you do it your way. Only you can prove your company’s authenticity. What makes it different, why should people buy your product over another, those are questions you have to be ready to answer and Marcus is. “My brand brings originality, substance, and creativity,” he says. “I think it motivates others that wearing something really nice makes you feel good about yourself. Clothes are here to stay forever so adding new clothing lines yearly makes it a very competitive sport.”

Within a year of creating FlyLiōn, Marcus believes his biggest accomplishment to date was producing his first pop-up shop this past May. “People came out and supported me and purchased gear. It allowed me to gain attention from a few people that never saw nor heard about my clothing line.” Only in his embryonic stage of his company, Marcus has done something most entrepreneurs haven’t done. He started. That’s the hardest step next to sustainability. We were eager to know what will keep Marcus going and creating in an industry that is highly oversaturated. “My overall goal is to be one of the best fashion designers of all time and at that point, I’ll know that my family will be well taken care of simply because of my success.”

We #COSIGN Marcus for being his own boss and creating his brand and streetwear, both of which are something special.

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