Name: DK Creates
Instagram: @DKCreates

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The mission for DK art as well as ‘have a hood day’ streetwear brand is to continue to supply the creatives of Dallas with a voice through art and fashion.

Who is DK Creates?

DK is a creative individual. He is an artist/ designer who seeks various artistic outlets. DK is also a local brand name that is giving a voice to underground Dallas pop culture. The individuals who consider themselves a part of the local Dallas Deep Ellum scene know that DK creates quality product for the streets of Dallas.

What void does your business fill in your current industry?

DKs artwork fills the millennial pop art void. Majority of his work is designed to captivate the younger audience but also have a visual aesthetic that the older generation can appreciate as well.

Tell us three lessons you’ve learned while operating your business.

Three lessons I have learned is that any creative person needs a plan of action before he/she starts to create. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I have also learned that your network is more important than your network. You are only as important and effective as the bridges of people in your network. Lastly I learned to move in silence. A creative cannot share their ideas until those ideas are already in the manifestation process.

Mentorships are vital, if you could be mentored by anyone in the world who would it be and why?

If I had to pick a mentor today, it would be a young guy named Joe from Chicago. It seems as if everything he touches turns to gold. He is a local designer and has his own street wear store. He recently did a collab with Nike/Chicago and sold out most of his merch within twenty minutes of putting it on his website.

Tell us one thing majority of people don’t know about you.

Majority of the people I know always ask me where to go to get merchandise made. They ask about different items such as Hats, Shirts, and Tags etc. My response is almost always the same. My reply is don’t know I figure it out as I go along I do not have all of the answers.

Why do you feel that you should win a COSIGN Award?

To be honest I don’t feel like I should win an award. I don’t feel as if I’ve had a major impact on my city the way I want to. Also the individuals in my category are super talented.

Who do you #COSIGN and why?

I #COSIGN Alisa, CEO of  Studio Moiselle, she is super talented and one of the realist, hardest working individuals I know. She has had a major impact in and out of the city the past couple years.

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