By: Bryson “Boom” Paul


Technology has made our lives direly easy with everything at our fingertips.

It’s easy to lose sight of the ageless wisdom that has guided humanity for millennia in a world where technology rules and modern conveniences abound. Acharya Shree Yogeesh, the Modern Monk, distinguishes out among the digital age’s spiritual luminaries by uniting the ancient with the modern. 

Yogeesh is ushering in a new era of spiritual awakening with his profound insight into the human soul and unyielding dedication to sharing his wisdom with the world.

Even though our material environment changes rapidly, the timeless truths of spirituality have not. The teachings of the ancient seers, as articulated by Acharya Shree. 

“Relevant now as they were thousands of years ago. Understanding our true nature and choosing a life of compassion and self-awareness are the keys to solving the novel challenges we face today.”

Finding freedom from consumerism and serenity in the midst of chaos are major themes in Acharya Shree’s teachings. A common refrain of his is, “Happiness and contentment are not found in the material world and are temporary, but bliss is within ourselves and eternal.”

Yogeesh sees technology as having great potential as a means of disseminating enlightenment. Through his YouTube channel and other online mediums, he has made his lessons available to millions of individuals all over the world. He says that technology has the potential to be both beneficial and harmful. It has the potential to both divert us from our spiritual path and unite us with the knowledge of eons before.

The spiritual disciplines covered by Acharya Shree’s lessons span from yoga and meditation to moral behavior and introspection. His Purnam Yoga System is an all-encompassing method for achieving physical, mental, and spiritual health. “Purnam Yoga is a complete system that integrates the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of life, guiding us to enlightenment,” he explains.

People from various walks of life are moved by Yogeesh’s empathetic teaching style. He teaches his students to appreciate their individuality and develop a sense of unconditional love and acceptance for themselves and others. When it comes to spirituality, he reminds us, “Compassion is the highest form there is.” The door to our own spiritual development opens when we allow others into our hearts.

Acharya Shree Yogeesh is a guiding light in a confusing and fragmented world, providing insight and instruction to those who seek it. As a Modern Monk, he deftly incorporates age-old wisdom into the fabric of contemporary society. The spiritual revolution that Yogeesh is leading with his message of love, compassion, and self-awareness has the potential to alter not only the lives of people but the entire planet.

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