In the first interview we talked to the K in K and C masterpiece, now we get to Cory the C. He has claimed he is better than many people on the shows Are You Better Than.. segment; but now we see if his answers are better than Kevin’s.

You guys have taken on several time-slots as fill-in’s on 105.3 The Fan, and have done a great job. What time slot was your favorite, and what time slot was the most pressure?
The most fun was for RAGE for sure during the Deron Williams Saga. We had breaking news on the Mavericks almost every day with D-Will and Kidd and all of the NBA free agency stuff. It was right in the middle of drive time so the response almost broke the FAN text with concern about the Mavs moves. We filled in for RAGE during Christmas as well for two weeks last year, and we were really nervous because it was our first shot, I had to turn the monitor off because so many people were saying “You Guys suck! Where’s RAGE?”. That was a ton of pressure. This time around, we got lots of love from all of the FAN Fans, and our twitter account @kandc1053 went up 500 percent! The New School fill in was a blast too because we got to work with Jasmine Sadry for the first time, and she made us really feel like radio pros. She brought a calming effect to the group that helped us be funny, entertaining and all about sports. We’ve also filled in for Elf and G-Bag Nation a number of times but never on an extended basis, just a couple of days here and there. Either way, once that microphone turns on, and you start talking live, it’s the most addictive, exhilarating part of any job I’ve ever had.
The thing that’s makes you guys on 105.3 The Fan is the feel of you guys honestly being fans yourselves. What teams are you more die hard about than others?
Both of us were born and raised right here in the Dallas area. I graduated from Bryan Adams in East Dallas, and Kevin graduated from North Garland. So that feeling of us being honest fans is completely genuine. I grew up watching every Cowboys game with my mom and dad, and those are some of my best memories, especially the Super Bowls. Every summer if I wasn’t playing in a a baseball tournament or riding slides at Wet’N’Wild I was watching a Rangers game with my family. So those two teams really have a deep emotional attachment for me. I remember sitting in the aluminum bleachers at old Arlington Stadium with my grandpa when that place was empty like the office on a Friday at 5:30. But when I got into high school I saw Kenyon Martin play, and I knew he was going to be in the NBA one day. So I started peeking into what the Mavs had to offer, and I couldn’t get enough of the NBA. Also, my buddies and I started watching the Stars when they got here, and they won the Stanley Cup the year I graduated high school. I think I’m just really lucky to live in a city that has all four sports and the really important parts of the seasons don’t overlap too much. I’ll go out of my way to make sure I can watch any of our teams play. Heck me and my buddies watched the 2004 NFL draft in the middle of our friends wedding, we had to explain, but he understood why were all screaming when they traded down for Julius Jones instead of taking Stephen Jackson.
The Cowboys go into training camp with high hope but not a lot of people putting them in the playoffs yet. Do you think it advantageous for them to FINALLY be underdogs?
If the Cowboys win one game they’ll be favorites again. The Boys have a mythical power that somehow makes them the most beloved and hated team, within its own city limits! We love them because they are good, we hate them because they should be better, ALWAYS! I love when our teams are flying under the radar because the pressure is off, but once they have a winning record or are playing .500 ball, the pressure gets back on. I don’t think the Cowboys have any extra luxuries when it comes to being the underdog, because we in the media will never let them be that. Then again, the success of the past teams is the reason media and all football fans have such a need for the Cowboys. Somehow they are Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker all in one.
The Dez Bryant Situation or DBS as I call it, has gone from bad to confusing really quickly. Do you honestly care about his family life, or are you stats over substance guys?
Honestly, I don’t care about his off field problems as long as he can transcend them on the field. Dirk during the Christina Taylor thing, had one of his best playoffs ever, taking sanctuary in being on the court and not in front of microphones answering questions. Josh Hamilton during the first part of this season destroying every pitch over the plate. Michael Irvin during all of his bouts with craziness. The problem is Dez has struggled to live up to our expectations of him on the field, and because of his off-field issues, that gives everybody an excuse to blame what he doesn’t do on the field on non-football problems.
With the Cowboys being mediocre over the same time that the Texas Rangers have taken steps into greatness, do you think that this will ever be a Rangers first town?
It’s always been a place that likes baseball. We enjoy the game. It’s fun to go watch a winner. It’s not worth it to sit in 105 degrees for 3-4 hours if you know you’re just going to be hot, hungover and disappointed. Nolan brings legitimacy to the front office and a face and name the fans trust and can relate to. Jon Daniels is this savvy young GM that everybody wants to claim as the genius they all back. And Ron Washington is just the dude you want to sit in a dugout and manage a baseball game with, he shoots you straight, he’s passionate and he seems to have the clubhouse maintained with an even keel. If the Rangers can win one, and keep the core of players together while adding in some of their own home-grown talent and making a complimentary trade occasionally, this city will back them. The next generation fans will depict what kind of town this is. The next generation will back the winners they are emotionally attached to. And right now, the Rangers are winning all of those fans over, while the Cowboys are making us turn to Peptobismol for comfort.
The Rangers are arguably the “best team in baseball”, but I would not be one to argue. If you could have one Rangers player from the past who would it be and why?
I loved Steve Buchelle, and Pete O’Brien was always my favorite Ranger, but I don’t know why. I really couldn’t give you a reason. But, I’d probably want Pudge. He played with a passion and electric energy that couldn’t be matched by anybody in the game. The heart he played with reminds me of Elvis Andrus, both of their smiles when things are going good are childlike in the game of baseball. And it was always fun to watch Pudge and whoever the fastest guy on another team was match up. Like, you knew Rickey Henderson was running, and you just couldn’t wait for him to break because Pudge was gonna pop up and shoot him down. That was really exciting baseball for me.
The Dallas Mavericks are stepping away from the past and heading into the future. Are you confident that Cuban is preparing a San Antonio Spurs like dynasty? With the Mavericks being in title contention every couple of years, or is he grasping at 24 year old straws?
I am confident Cuban is trying to build within what the new collective bargaining agreement will allow. He had the foresight to read through that thing and start looking for loopholes. He probably knows more about it than most owners, and he decided the only way he could get through the Dirk retirement phase the Mavs will go through without suffering a ton of wins, is to do what he is doing now. Saving cap space to get the next superstar who will pack seats and be a franchise player for the Mavs for the next 10 years. Problem is, he’s going to have to hit when he does, because this city will not accept a bust. We have too many other things we can pay attention to, like Tony Romo’s golf habits.
Non-sports related what do you #Cosign in life?

Good music, cold drinks, and your friends and family are the things that make it all worth while. Enjoy all of them while you can.

Interview by: Chris Edwards for Cosign Magazine’s Cosign Sports.
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