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The DFW Sports Radio scene was once a place full of gumpy old men,
national know-it-all’s, and unimaginative know-nothing’s. The landscape
that was built by Randy Galloway and 1310 the Ticket was no fun to
listen to and it was tine for a change. Now 105.3fm The Fan takes sports
to the fans and offers next level analysis on every show. Cosign Sports
would like to introduce you to a few memebers of the line; starting with
Cory and Kevin of The K and C Masterpiece (10-2pm sat and sun). They
talk sports like a couple of buddies at a bar… that happen to know A
LOT about sports. #COSIGN

You guys have taken on several time-slots as fill-in’s on 105.3 The Fan, and have done a great job. What time slot was your favorite, and what time slot was the most pressure.?
My favorite time slot has definitely been the midday show (10 a.m.-2 p.m.). From a selfish perspective because it allows me the ability to still drop and pick-up my son from school. From a work perspective I think it is the best as well. You don’t have to wake up ridiculously early, so staying up for those late Rangers games (of which there have been so many) or whatever else is no problem. It works on the other end too because you get out in time to make it out to whatever particular sporting event you choose – best of both worlds. The most pressure was probably filling in for RAGE in afternoon drive (2-7 p.m.) The first time we did a prolonged fill-in there was over Christmas and I literally had to stop looking at the fan texts because there were so many coming in saying, “Who are you guys?” “Where is RAGE?” and “You guys suck” in that first segment. I feel like we eventually won over the vast majority of that last group, but it was still a little jarring at the start – then again, you have to have thick skin to make it in this business.
The thing that’s makes you guys on 105.3 The Fan is the feel of you guys honestly being fans yourselves. What teams are you more die hard about than others?
I agree with that 100 percent and tht’s one of the things about Cory and myself; we are both born and raised in the Metroplex and we get excited or pissed off just like any other fan does. I’ve got to go with the Rangers, though I will absolutely cop out as well by saying I love me some Cowboys and Mavericks as well. And yes, I will give it up for the Stars too … that’s right Buffalo, foot in the crease or no, we still won the Stanley Cup!  As an aside, I am also a big Texas A&M football and Duke basketball fan.
The Cowboys go into training camp with high hope but not a lot of people putting them in the playoffs yet. Do you think it advantageous for them to FINALLY be underdogs?
I do, but I also think that will change so quickly. If the Cowboys go on the road and beat the Giants to start the season, especially convincingly, I guarantee you the talking point the next day will be about whether or not the Cowboys are a Super Bowl contender. But that makes sense because the Cowboys are so polarizing. The NFL would love for the Cowboys to be good because so many people watch to cheer them on and almost as many watch to see them fail. And how rocking were the early-90s? Sure, you can credit the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles live-action movie or C&C Music Factory for some of that, but around here it was primarily because of the Cowboys.I really got into sports right when Jerry Jones rolled into town, so I am absolutely one of those spoiled Cowboys fans. I thought the Super Bowl would never stop growing up and would love to get back to a time that is anywhere near that again.
The Dez Bryant Situation or DBS as I call it, has gone from bad to confusing really quickly. Do you honestly care about his family life, or are you stats over substance guys?
If it doesn’t trickle into his game, I don’t care. I know this is a big talking point for us and other radio personalities, but the reason is because a lot of us (myself definitely included) don’t feel he has the mental fortitude – at least not yet – to block all this stuff out and go into beast mode on the football field. If he proves me wrong and dominates this season, more power to him and I will be less inclined to get all mad about it if he has another off-field incident. Going back to the 90s Cowboys again, didyou care what they were doing off the field? Not really, why? Cause they were winning. The amount of crap we will put up with from our athletes is exactly proportionate to how much they win.
With the Cowboys being mediocre over the same time that the Texas Rangers have taken steps into greatness, do you think that this will ever be a Rangers first town?
Yes I do. I know ratings say it’s all Cowboys, but like a lot of places, this is a front-running city. We love winners.Remember in 1998-99 and 1999-2000, this city was taken over by hockey. You had people who didn’t even know what a blue line was six months earlier talking about what a big acquisition Brett Hull was. We’ve seen the same thing the past two years, people flooding into the stores to buy merchandise and decorate their cars and I’m sure they don’t remember the heartache that was Chan Ho Park. Rangers continue to win and Cowboys continue to be mediocre and you will see the shift continue.
The Rangers are arguably the “best team in baseball”, but I would not be one to argue. If you could have one Rangers player from the past who would it be and why?
Obviously from a batting stance perspective you think Julio Franco or Mickey Tettleton. And then you have to consider Charlie Hough, since he seems to be the inspiration for Eddie from Major League. But my answer would be Pete O’Brien … and I have no idea why. He was always my favorite Ranger when I was little, so I’d go with him.
The Dallas Mavericks are stepping away from the past and heading into the future. Are you confident that Cuban is preparing a San Antonio Spurs like dynasty? With the Mavericks being in title contention every couple of years, or is he grasping at 24 year old straws?
I don’t think you can hope for Spurs-level dominance. The Spurs won four titles in like nine years cause they had the greatest power forward of all time in Tim Duncan (sorry Mavs fans, Duncan is better than Dirk) – but this is a great offseason to move the Mavs in the right direction. Instead of a starting backcourt of old man Kidd and almost as old Carter, we’ve got mid-20s Collison and Mayo. If they are good, excellent – Mavs can control good young players, which is something this franchise hasn’t had a ton of the past decade. If they aren’t any good, they aren’t on the books much longer, they were cheap and we can move on in another feverish attempt to get a top-level free agent. The team will be around 6th in the Western Conference this year, but there is hope that aging Dirk, young talent and tons of cap space can lure one or two big fish to make another run and plan for the future. Plus, Mavs fans, we got our title! Can you really be that mad? Think about going back to the era of the Triple Js. The Mavs were one of the worst teams in NBA history and I got to watch that franchise crawl up and eventually be the best in the world- it’s hard to get too mad when that just happened 14 months ago.
Non-sports related What do you #Cosign in life?
I love spending time with my 7-year old son Brandon, first and foremost. I am also a big movie buff and love pro wrestling … yes, I realize I’m not 12 years old anymore, but what can I say? I dig it! I am also best friends with our producer Brian Waddle, because lord knows if I don’t mention his name – we will never hear the end of it!
Interview done by: Chris Edwards for Cosign Magazine’s Cosign Sports
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