In 2010 the DFW Sports media market stole a gem from Portland, OR. Now, two years later, he has taken his brand of Next Level analysis to 5 hours every night (7-12) with the great Chris Arnold. He is The General of The G-Bag Nation: Gavin Dawson

You came to Dallas in 2010 from Portland ,OR so you are not a metroplex newbie in my eyes. Are you full on into the teams here, or do you find yourself peeking at Blazers message boards?
I keep up on the Blazers news but for the first time in my life I probably couldn’t name all 15 players on their roster. I got the NBA League Pass the first year I was here but I just couldn’t find the time to watch enough games and still work. I go see them whenever they are in town and I’m not working.
The main thing about my situation is being new doesn’t afford me a lot of time to watch things or do things that aren’t focused around the show.
The Cowboys are the main thing you are worrying about right now Rob Ryan is under a lot of pressure. Convince me that this defense is better considering the safety position has downgraded, and you still have the same problems at defensive end?
I got three things for you.
#1-ILB is not going to be such a joke, Dan Connor can really play and Bruce Carter is going to be good in coverage.
#2-Brandon Carr is a really press corner.
#3-and the Defensive Ends might actually produce a little bit this year.
The Mavericks made moves to dump age, but still pick up “names”. Is this a rebuild or a reload?
It’s stage two of a rebuild.
They have loaded up on quality players with one year contracts.
Stage three is to trade those players and their expiring deals to teams who are desperate to unload payroll.
If that works, stage four will be to balance the roster with their exceptions and veteran minimum signings like Miami has done with Shane Battier and Ray Allen the last two summers.
I think because of the looming luxury tax smackdown, the Mavs will be able to get very good players and be a contender again in 2013-2014, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pull it off sooner.
What the Mavs did was really one of the greatest series of moves in the history of the league because it was unprecedented and innovative.
The Rangers just made trades to acquire a catcher batting below.200 and a 35 year old pitcher with a career ERA over 4.30. Do the Rangers even think they have a chance, or are these moves to satisfy the publics need for a “move”?
They believe they have a shot. I do too but they aren’t the favorites we were hoping they’d be during their hot start.
The trade deadline was a major disappointment, but they are still one of the best three teams in the A.L., and that’s definitely good enough to make a run at it. And they still have their key prospects who are crucial for the long term.
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