Lyfe’s Comeback

Lyfe Jennings is making a comeback, from all of his legal and personal trouble and getting back to the music with his new single “Boomerang” and a letter to his fans. The husky voiced soul singer crooned his way into our radios in 2004, with his street edge giving us songs such as “Must Be Nice” that informed us all that “thugs have feeling too”. With almost ten years in the game under his belt, four albums, and some jail time, Lyfe is back and working on his fifth album as a joint venture with Mass Appeal Entertainment. He also informs the fans in his letter that his new single is about Karma, which we all know a little something about; the song is produced by G2G and LaShaunda “Baby Girl” Carr for Mass Appeal Ent. / INgrooves Fontana. Check out the full letter to the fans here, and take a listen to the new single.

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