This past Friday, Marty Olivo – the 21 year old, CEO and Creative Director of creative group, Dallas Rising (@DallasRisingMedia) held his first installment to the in-depth series “Rise & Talk”. The first segment featured Dallas visionary, Jeremy Biggers (@stemandthorn) and was held at Circuit12 Contemporary art gallery.

The environment was pretty intimate; giving the audience a more engaging experience with Biggers, which I thought was pretty cool. The mission behind Marty’s new series is to give the public a chance to get a deeper insight into some of the city’s amazing artists with live interaction accompanied with a Q & A segment.

Jeremy shared his story with us as an artist and let us into his personal life a little as well. He went over some of the ways he maintains his multiple crafts to where he draws inspiration from, he also gave advice on how to stay relevant but still staying genuine, as well as how to demand respect for your craft/services. He covered a wide spectrum of topics in the sarcastic, quirky but still very much enjoyable way that only Mr. Biggers, himself can. He also showcased his art work from when he first started, up to what he’s mastering present day. I enjoyed this event and I give a big salute to Marty for the function’s concept, I believe the creatives, as a collective, need more things like this being put on in the city in the name of the arts. Be sure to look up and follow his social media accounts to stay connected for the series’ next installment.

Bry Jones
Blogger + Correspondent

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