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Local Love (Event): African Amedia 5.10.15


Who: Justin Adu (@Justin_Productions)
What: African Amedia
When: 5/10/15 @ 7PM
Where: African American History Museum (3536 Grand Ave.)

http://www.africanamedia.org/ | TIX: $15

The African Amedia event, is a satirical art exhibition and performance piece curated, written, and directed by Adu. It features mixed media paintings, art installations, photography, video and a one-night-only performance piece-taking place during the opening on May 10th 2015.

African Amedia is a fictional television network that highlights some of the negative portrayals, generalizations, and stereotypes the media casts against African Americans. Adu hopes that people coming to see the exhibit at the African American Museum will realize the value of getting to know one another and not basing their decision on negative, skewed images that the media puts out in the universe.

Bry Jones
Correspondent: Cosign Magazine
Consultant: Riot Jones, LLC