This past Saturday, Dallas Observer had their annual art show, Artopia; it was the 5th year for the showcase. I was lucky enough to attend this year and I use the lucky because it was a true privilege to be in attendance. The venue was Centennial Hall in Fair Park, so there was plenty room to view art, dance to the musical guests, watch the fashion show and sample candy bacon (provided by Local Oak located in Oak Cliff). Yes, you read it right, candy bacon and it’s just as good as you imagine it to be.

But, back to the reason why I’m here: the art. The spot was filled with awesome pieces from some of the city’s hottest artists that keep the city vibrant. Painting, prints, drawings, sculptures, photography and more art forms were displayed, along with some live paintings going on. One of the featured artists, one of my personal favorites, Dallas’ own, Jeremy Biggers (IG: @stemandthorn), was one of those live painters and I have to say it was an experience in itself to see a masterpiece being created out in the open. You have to respect the art form of being able to do what it is that you do in public for others to view, ridicule, congratulate and everything else.

Although the art was the main focus of the event the fashion and music were outlets that needed to be reckoned with as well. Beaus & Ribbons and Nine Muses Collection were 2 of the lines featured on the runway. All of the models brought great energy and with the make-up provided by Tint School of Make-Up & Cosmetology, they looked great doing it. Some of the musical acts were Ishi, DJ Sober and DJ Jose G and they definitely kept everyone’s spirits up with the mixes.

Overall, Artopia gets 4 stars from me and I’ll definitely be back next year. The Dallas Observer put on a great event, I’m excited to see how they’ll top this.

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