Cosign Magazine Presents: Lil Debbie Does Dallas Recap [Part 1 of 2]

Lil’ Debbie Does Dallas

Where do I even begin? Thursday was one hell of a day for Cosign Magazine. For the first time ever, we brought Lil’ Debbie to the city, all the way from California. Shout out to our partnering promoters, Intelligent Grind, for helping out with the show! Personally, I think I was the one that was the most excited for this whole thing. Kicking it with Debbie, smoking with Debbie, seeing her perform, taking her photos…this is something I’ve been trying to make happen in Dallas for a while. To see all of these things finally happen had me feeling very accomplished and proud of the entire cosign team.

Also, before I continue I’d like to say to Lil’ Debbie that you are one of the most humble and down to earth artists that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. You’re also one of the nicest! It was truly an experience getting to kick it with you for a day and I thank you for rocking with us here at Cosign Magazine. You forever have our support for anything and everything. You’ve been officially cosigned!

Now for the fun stuff! To start off Thursday, KG and I met up to head up to the airport to pick up Debbie, her dancer Remy, and her manager Dannie. Fresh off the plane, Debbie was rocking exclusive pieces from a “Boy x Mookee By Yuske” clothing collab. After picking them up, we decided to go to the penthouse we had provided for Debbie and her team. We figured a 2-story penthouse over-looking Dallas would be the perfect spot for them…it’s lavish, it’s downtown, and definitely beats a hotel! Once we got to the penthouse, we all just chilled and talked over a few blunts…provided and rolled by me, of course. Lil’ Debbie told us stories about life in Cali, how she feels about being an independent artist, and a little about some new music she’s been working on lately.

A few hours had passed and the time for sound check had come. We rode over to the venue and I kid you not; there were already people outside waiting to get into the show. I was shocked. I didn’t under estimate this show or anything, but I definitely did not expect to see people outside waiting at least 2 hours before the show started. I knew from that moment that this show was going to be a great success. We did sound check real quick then took Debbie back to the penthouse so they could prep for the show. KG and I went back to the venue to make sure everything was going good until it was time to go back and get Debbie.

When we got back to the venue, though, the line outside was ridiculous. So many people had showed up! Dallas’ artists Treal Lee & Prince Rick came through; manager of Dallas’ favorite hip hop duo A.Dd+, Vince Chapa, came through; Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ came through; clothing designer/stylist Alex Bo came through; Channing of Chan-Lo.com came through; LFTU radio host Jaywill came through; team members from the Well Off Society clothing brand also came through. To say the least we had a lot of dope people in the building showing their support and we greatly appreciate you guys. Next to those notable people stated above, we had all of Lil’ Debbie’s ride or die fans in the building. Shout out to all of you guys as well for your support and for making that night amazing.

Midnight came, so KG and I decided to go pick up Debbie and get her to the venue so she could see Brain Gang perform before she went on. We brought her into the venue straight through the front doors with the help of security and got her to her section. The crowd went so crazy. I thought some girls were going to literally pass out. We got her a bottle for her table, got things ready for Brain Gang to perform, and then the fun began. Brain Gang stepped on stage, introduced themselves to Lil’ Debbie, and as usual, killed their performance. Debbie was definitely feelin’ Brain Gang! If anyone saw her tweets, she clearly stated that she fucks with Brain Gang. Word to all of Brain Gang for having a dope performance and impressing the woman of the night!

Once the time had come for Lil’ Debbie to perform, she stepped on stage and the crowd started getting super crazy again. We had to have security hold people back! Everyone was pushing to get closer and closer to the stage. She performed a few old tracks and some new tracks, including her latest single “Bake A Cake” that you can now purchase on iTunes. Check out the photos below to see a few shots I captured from the performance. The official video recap is also coming soon! After her performance, we all went back to the penthouse. We all just hung out and relaxed with a blunt on the balcony, talking about the show and random things. This day was truly one of the most memorable days of my life. Never did I ever expect to be smoking blunts with Lil’ Debbie on the balcony of penthouse looking over Dallas, but hey, it can happen. And it did! Thank you, Dallas. Cosign Magazine could not have done any of this without YOU. We cosign that! Stay tuned for the official video recap but peep the performance footage below!


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