Interview by: K.G. Graham | @COSIGNKG
Words by: Chris Panayiotou | @CPLocalCeleb

T’Juanna Winters is the founder of Lil Lizzie Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization, “dedicated to giving back and to bringing high-impact awareness to communities in need.” She originally began in the hospitality industry, but her true passion was making an impact in the lives of others. “I created the Lil Lizzie Foundation after my grandmother Elizabeth Jones, we strive to help lower income areas and schools,” she says. “The most difficult thing for me is getting the word out that there is help through my foundation.”

As with everyone, T’Juanna had a #COSIGN early on, in her case, it was DJ Kayotik of 97.9 The Beat. “DJ Kayotik started this whole thing off by helping me get my mission out and for that I’m forever grateful to him and the Kayotik Foundation,” she says. And since then she has been able to do great things in her philanthropic career. “My biggest highlight had to be helping build my church home of Impact Church, located in Carrollton, Texas.”

T’Juanna continues to give back through her foundation and looks to make even more positive change in her community. She inspires and finds inspiration in others, and that leads her to her future endeavors. “I admire everyone that’s out there trying to make a difference,” she says, and we admire, and #COSIGN her for that.

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