Lil Brownie – Appetite For Success
By: K.G. Graham

Anyone who knows Lil Brownie, knows that the beautiful 4’11” Mexican radio personality has a huge personality despite her small frame. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Lil Brownie always wanted to be in the entertainment industry, TV and radio specifically. It was a platform in which she could utilize that bubbly personality of hers that everyone’s grown to love. “Growing up I looked up to Angie Martinez, she was a successful Latina in the radio industry,” says Brownie. Now, Brownie has found success of her own, becoming an on-air personality for Hot 93.3 FM in Dallas.

Raised in a very close tight knit Hispanic family, Brownie is extremely proud of her Mexican heritage. “I love Mexican food and the culture,” she says. “The Hispanic community is very supportive in Dallas we tend to look out for each other and attend each other’s events very frequently.” Being Hispanic in radio has it perks, especially if you’re bilingual. “Un poquito,” was the answer Brownie gave us when we asked if she spoke Spanish. With Texas being so close to Mexico, most Mexicans tend to become more Tex-Mex, due to the Texas culture, so we were curious to know how Brownie plans on keeping her Hispanic culture alive for the next generation. “I come from a traditional Mexican family and our family is real close. When I have kids, our Mexican culture will continue because my family embodies it. We eat the food, listen to the music, and everything else.” I can definitely #COSIGN this, as being Panamanian myself, my daughter learned everything about her Hispanic heritage from her “abuela.”

Before Brownie’s career in radio, she got her start as a television host at a very popular Dallas-based TV show. “I got my start with DMX TV, I remember my family saying ‘Mija, what are you doing?’ And I would ensure them it would pay off for it me and it did. DMX TV opened the door for me to get into radio,” she says. “From there I worked at a Latin radio station, then K104, a hip hop station, now I’m doing top 40 at 93.3.” Becoming an on-air personality is not as easy as some would think. “Radio is a struggle for women no matter what your job title is. Being in radio, you have to work harder ‘cause it’s a male dominated field, but it can be done,” she says. She aspires to have a career like Dana Cortez from 98.5 The Beat in San Antonio and Kellie Rasberry from 106.1 KISS FM, both are successful women in radio that she draws inspiration from. Brownie stresses how lucky she is to have the support, mentorship, and friendship of DeDe McGuire from “DeDe In The Morning” on K104. “DeDe is the total package, she’s from Dallas, she’s the host of her own morning show, and she’s one of my closest friends. She really believes in women’s empowerment and uplifting women, and she’s super talented.”

If Brownie could go outside of her inner circle to receive words of wisdom to help her career flourish she would turn to Angie Martinez. “I would ask Angie what were something’s she went through in her career that she had to get over. I would also ask her advice on how I could be a better talent and how to manage being a woman in this business. I would definitely soak up game.”

Brownie’s ultimate career goal is to have a successful career in both TV and radio. “Eventually I would love to have my own reality show. It would be a funny yet real show about what I have going on. I would also like to have my own morning show one day,” she says. In hopes of accomplishing those goals, Brownie plans to grow her following and brand as an on-air personality, and really get out in the community and get more involved. “I want to help people more, especially women who want to do what I do. Whether it’s to get into radio or TV, I want to help them and mentor them. That itself would be rewarding for me.”

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