Last week we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of So Far Gone by Drake. The crown jewel of a catalog by one of the greatest artists of our era. Since Drake came on to the scene he has charted multiple #1 songs, broken many records, and won countless awards. He has also influenced an entire generation of men and women with his vulnerability and witty wordplay. One of the many arguments that seem to plague his legacy is whether or not Drake has a classic album. Some people say he doesn’t have a classic album. Some would say that he has many classics. Some simply don’t care as long as he continues to supply the hits. 

So in honor of Drake reaching this milestone I decided to have a little fun. Compiling songs from all of his albums, and So Far Gone, I put together what I think would be Drake’s best body of work. I separated it into a Side A and Side B. One side represents what I think would make his best Hip Hop album, and the other encompasses his best R&B tracks. I didn’t include any loose tracks. So you won’t find songs like 9am In Dallas, or Free Spirit. I based my final track list off the songs I feel people enjoy the most as well as sequencing. This is obviously just my opinion. Whether you feel Drake has a classic or not he has still impacted the world.

Side A: Hip-Hop

Check out playlist here. 

  1. Tuscan Leather
  2. Weston Road Flows
  3. God’s Plan
  4. Successful
  5. Emotionless 
  6. Know Yourself
  7. Lord Knows
  8. 8 out of 10
  9. Look What You’ve Done 
  10. Light Up
  11. Underground Kings
  12. Best I Ever Had
  13. Do Not Disturb
  14. March 14
  15. The Ride

Side B: R&B

Check out playlist here.

  1. Legend
  2. Furthest Thing
  3. Jaded
  4. In My Feelings
  5. Shot For Me
  6. Marvins Room
  7. Houstalantavegas
  8. Bria’s Interlude
  9. Shut It Down
  10. Hold On Were Going Home
  11. Come Thru
  12. Jungle
  13. Passionfruit
  14. Hate Sleeping Alone
  15. Hotline Bling
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