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Science defines the “Greenhouse Effect” as trapped heat leading to a warmer climate.  With that being said, “The Greenhouse EP” could not have been more appropriately named.  Some of the best talent that Dallas has to offer, artist wise and production wise, creating HEAT to warm up the climate of the rap game.


What can I say about B. Anderson that has not been said already?  I will add to this, he has a work ethic that is unmatched and he is incredibly ambitious both creatively and musically.  Not only does he consistently give us something for our ear drums but he provides us with visually stimulating art work, videos, and concepts.  Check out his M.A.D.E series here as an example.


I was introduced to B.Anderson when I first listened to “Selena”, on his project 2 1/2 Mins Till Midnight and “Do’s and the Don’ts” with Jahn Dough and I was immediately impressed by his ability to be completely captivating lyrically.  With the “Greenhouse EP”, you hear the growth in confidence and as an artist in not just him but also the artists that he collaborates with.  This project is a team effort and B. Anderson does not shy away from bringing the team with him.  It is a testimony that there is a great strength in unity and what can happen when black men combine our forces and our talents.



Two personal favorites of mine on this EP are “My Way” with Matt Swagnew and “Lemonade” with Jahn Dough.  Those three on a track together is always a win.  It is completely refreshing to hear/watch artists collaborate who play off each other so well and not trying to outshine the other.  They know each other’s strengths so that everyone is able to dominate in their own way.


GREENHOUSE EP is now available.  Click here to check it out! 

Click here to check out his newest video “My Way”




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