cosign-xiii-dj-so4kisLa Musica: COSIGN Vibes Playlist 10/11 + Interview with DJ So4kis
Interview by: K.G. Graham | @cosignkg

I’ve always been fascinated with DJ’s and the talent they possess. Think about it, the DJ is the most powerful person at a party, event, or concert because they influence your emotion and they provide your vibe for the evening. The DJ was also your initial source of good music. If the DJ #COSIGNed it, the people would follow. To show our appreciation for DJ’s we will interview a new DJ every week and have them select a few current songs they #COSIGN for our #COSIGNVibes playlist. Up first, we have our in-house DJ, DJ So4kis. In my opinion, he’s one of the most diverse DJ’s in the city. Check out our interview below and follow DJ So4kis on social media at @so4kis.

How did you become a DJ? What was your process?

It just happened. I was at a kickback and grabbed the aux cord and the laptop. After that I got a call from the host and he asked me to DJ his girlfriend’s birthday party. He bought my first controller, I got familiar with the controller and the software. It’s was nothing fancy. In fact, I had to replace it once and it was only at Toys R Us. Shout out to the real plug, Gerard.

After the first party, I was asked to do more parties. I got positive feedback from the partygoers, it was motivation because those that saw the potential encouraged me to take it seriously. That’s what I did. I invested in myself, upgraded my equipment and became my own manager. Started spinning at my college talents show and basketball games. I kept leveling up.

What made you want to become a DJ? Was it a song you heard, artist or dj that inspired you, love for music?

The love. The energy. The feeling I get when I see people having a great time and it’s because of me. Could’ve been the liquor I was feeling too.

What DJ do you look up to the most, and why?

I really can’t rank the DJs. I’m going to say DJ Scratch. I had the chance to meet him in NYC and he blessed me with some game. After that, I did my research. He’s a living legend, a pioneer. I don’t know too many DJs that can’t do what he does with his hands. I have to shout out DJ Does it all. He’s one of my favorite DJs in the city because he reminds me of DJ Scratch. They’re more like competition DJs.

As a DJ, how do you feel about music coming out of Dallas?

So much talent in the city. We have so many lanes and I feel like we’re about to be noticed. Not just Fat Pimp, Lil Ronny, Yella Beezy, Trapboy Freddy, & Mo3

What 5 Dallas artist do you think is ready to go major?

Listen, this is too tough… I rock with way too many artists in the city. If I don’t mention you, it’s not personal. Jayson Lyric, The Outfit, Tx, Good Cake, Tony Staxx & Reeze. We do it for the love but this is a business and its all about what you can sell and/or who can sell you.

In a perfect world, how would you want your career as a DJ to go?

I would want to follow in the steps of DJ Drama and DJ Khaled. Climb the ladder and become one of the bosses in the industry. Link dope artists and producers together. Create an environment for creatives to work, network & thrive with one another.

In your opinion what makes a great DJ?

Authenticity. Creating a vibe that only you provide. Too many DJs play the same thing as the next DJ or they’re just iPod DJs. Manipulating the music & mixing is a major key too.

What’s the hardest thing about being a DJ?

I think the hardest thing is the most important thing… Practicing. Practice makes improvements but it’s really hard to make time to practice. What everyone sees is just the tip of the iceberg; the real work is done in preparation and practice. “Shooting in the gym.”

You have to audition to become a tour DJ for a major artist but you only have 10 minutes. What 3-4 songs do you play?

It depends on the artist. I like to cater my sets. I’ll study the artist and most like us their songs and/or songs of artists they like to work with. It’s important for any DJ to know their audience and build on that.

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