If you haven’t heard Cashmir’s NEW track, “Only Way” then you must do yourself a favor and press play above. The young emcee blesses the world with a new record that displays lyrical content while capturing everyday listeners, which is a hard task in itself but, Cashmir, as well as the entire BrainGrang knows exactly how to do it. This track actually sums up #TheCoSignLife via a quote on Chan-lo.com Cashmir states, “The hook is a simple explanation of anyone making constant progress in what ever their field my be. The verse is a mix & display of lyrical content & flow that tells part of his personal come up story.” If you are making constant progress in your field of business then this record is for you and you are living #TheCoSignLife. So once again all my hip-hop heads, music lovers, BrainGang/Dallas supporters, #CoSignLifers, press play and enjoy.

If you’re living #TheCoSignLife make sure you catch Cashmir performing “Only Way” with his BrainGang familia this Saturday, live at the Granada Theatre in Dallas as part of A.Dd+’s DiveHiFlyLo release party.

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