Falling under our “ARTISTS WE COSIGN” we bring you another premier exclusive.  Meet Alsace Carcione, an independent female emcee hailing from Portsmouth, Virginia and currently residing in Dallas Fort Worth.

The year, 2017 was not a great year for Alsace Carcione. It began as the past three years had begun. Alsace, flew home to take care of her mother and help out with her ailing grandmother. This all changed on February 17, 2017, when she got a frantic text message from her father that read simply “pray for my mother”. Her beloved Grandmother would pass that night. The following Friday, Alsace would back at the same hospital, as her mother signed a do not resuscitate. Her mother passed on March 9, 2017.

The words of Langston Hughes, “life for me ain’t been no crystal stair” resonates most with the rising emcee. In a heartfelt and passionate recollection of the events and her state of mind “Born Legend” was conceived. Alsace gives a compelling performance of rare emotion as she relives those tragic moments. Backed by the lens of German Torres, they tell of the story of pain, hurt and the beginning stages of triumph. Because after all “when you’re a born legend, you know the title comes with a hidden prize”.

As the video weaves you through memories via pictures of the emcee’s life, you get a glimpse of the strong women that helped shape the emcee into who she is today. Alsace is a living testimony to her track titled ” Born Legend.” As she continues throughout her music career, she honors those responsible for who she is today.

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