Jonathan P-Wright is a senior writer for COSIGN Magazine and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS.

Some people are born to fly.

I remember shooting pool with my father; he told me that repeated success is the only success that counts in life. Dynasties and empires are built on a consistent body of Championships. Converting dreams into manifestations is not designed for mere mortals. Superheroes emerge from the shadows of uncertainty, chaos, and fear to create a pathway to the promised land. I’ve always believed that visionaries are divinely appointed in life. Those with visionary brainwaves travel and operate differently than average humans. Leading people is a sacred light only natural-born leaders can envision.

Possessing a significant pain threshold and unconventional mental stamina, visionaries develop unimaginable lanes of opportunities for themselves and their community. Carrying the scars and heritage of their ancestors, they embrace the path of most resistance in order to create generational wealth.

Understanding time never rewinds in life; they move with unprecedented aggression and activation. Due to their behavior patterns, their entourage is always intimate and esoteric. Kai’ Verse’ Tyler was born into this world with two options: Fly or Die. Kai’ Verse’ Tyler has never possessed the luxury of having a golden parachute, trust fund, or Government assistance.

The roots of Kai’ Verse’ Tyler’s meteoric rise to success is channeled through unparalleled human instinct and panoramic vision. When you hear Kai’ Verse’ Tyler speak, his voice contains an unexplainable magnetism and captivating dynamic. His tone, pitch, pace, and vocal authority command people to activate and believe. The music industry is the most complex maze in the business world. Millions of people enter; however, only the ‘chosen’ one makes it out alive. Kai’ Verse’ Tyler was created and designed specifically for the music business.

His capacity to understand the difference between songs and records has enabled him to develop and manage some of the industry’s most advanced creators, artists, and producers. As the CEO/Founder of ‘The Luxury Group,’ his collective team has generated over twenty million records sold worldwide.

Kai’ Verse’ Tyler was born with unparalleled human instincts to succeed.

The ‘Luxury Group’ is a preeminent multimedia and music management company. Working alongside ‘The Luxury Group’ means Championships and not playoff games are won. Kai and his team add to their trophy case every year but never sleep in it. Every day, each member rises with amnesia and generates new opportunities for excellence in music.

Founder of 1501 Entertainment, Carl Crawford is an American sports icon and a sterling example of never allowing your circumstances to compromise your future. Carl Crawford dominated Major League Baseball and decorated his resume with multiple accolades and awards. His competitive spirit and nature extended beyond his playing career into music.

He launched his secondary dream, 1501 Entertainment houses a record label, artist management, a clothing line, and a TV/Film division. 1501 Entertainment introduced one of rap culture’s finest talents, Megan Thee Stallion. Selling millions of records and gaining superstar status cemented 1501 Entertainment as an official power player in the rap game.

Lighting struck twice with the success of Dallas native ‘Erica Banks. Erica Banks released TikTok’s most in-demand record in 2021 with ‘Buss It.’ Erica Banks became a superstar after ‘Buss It’ dominated the entire year of 2021. Kai’ Verse’ Tyler was handpicked by Carl Crawford to continue 1501 Entertainment’s legacy and discover more uncut diamonds in music. In the words of Kai, it’s always ‘brand over belief.


Jonathan P-Wright is a senior writer for COSIGN Magazine and CVO of RADIOPUSHERS.

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