Interview by: K.G. Graham & Sukii Moreno

Written by: Chris Panyiotou

Photographer: Ahmad J.

Stylist: Amanda Taymor

Hair: SedB Hair

MUA: Chandra Middlebrooks

Assistant Stylists: Asia Mac & Ciera Patterson

Hair Company: D Hair Boutique

Location: COSIGN Loft

Kaash Paige: For The Love Of Kaash

“A lot of people always say I’m Hollywood, I just now say, ‘Thank you so much.’ It’s a compliment,” says Kaash Paige. “Because at the end of the day, it’s like, yeah, I changed, I’m not supposed to be the same person I was yesterday, or last week, or last year. There is a difference between changing for the best and changing because you think you’re better than somebody.” And growth like this, as an artist and as a person, would be the recurring theme in the Dallas-native’s COSIGN Conversations interview.

From the first time seven-year-old Kaash told her dad that she wanted to do music, to her first COSIGN from Kylie Jenner playing her music and exposing her to the masses, it’s being a learning process, and a maturing process. One of her biggest struggles has been being patient. “I feel like patience sometimes sucks, ‘cause I want it now, I want it now,” she says. “You have to understand that God’s gonna bring it at the right time for you. He’s not gonna bring you your blessings and what you’re meant to have until people are removed out of your life, until you’re where you need to be, and until you learn what you need to know.” And as any artist would do, she put it in the music. While making “Me VS Myself,” she was dealing with removing, or not quickly enough removing people that weren’t advancing with her. “I’m doing so much shit, I’m not really paying attention to how I feel, I’m not really listening to my intuition as I should. Everything will be okay, but you’ve already peeped those lies and you continue to still fuck with those people that do this, this, and that, and I feel like it allows you to repeat that cycle.”

The path out of Dallas has been slow for many, but Kaash remains humble on her journey. “I’m still putting my name out there, I would

love for all the Dallas radio stations to play me more,” she says. “I heard it’s politics, I don’t know. I show love … sometimes it be like people wait for you to pop for real, for real to play your music, and sometimes we don’t know what the fuck they got going on. They might have to follow a certain thing at their job. I don’t know what’s going on over there, but I will say that I do want that, I do want my city to show me more love on the radio, so people know that I’m out here.” In the meantime, Kaash has been getting good rotation on satellite radio and is regularly booked for festival dates, still waiting for the hometown love, but at the same time realizing that music is bigger than home, and not waiting for the hometown love.


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