Justus | Photo By: Ant Blue Jr.

Fresh off the release of Dr. Dre’s final album, Compton we caught up with Dallas native Justus to talk about life in L.A. and how working with Dr. Dre made him a better songwriter and complete artist. Justus was featured on three songs on the Compton album and had additional writing credits on the project.  Today we will share 3 tips from Justus on how he feels artists can become great songwriters.

1. Look inside yourself and find out what’s important to you as a person! What do you care about? What drives you? What makes you go hard? What makes you love, what makes you hurt? You have to think about these things and really know yourself because once it’s time to write about these things you need to dig deep into it. You need to be familiar with it so you can give the best example of that emotion.

2. Picture the end, before you start… Picture what the painting is gonna be before you start painting.

3. Follow your voice! Understand what words you sound good saying. Understand what cadences you sound good using. Always push yourself and experiment, but don’t find yourself in a pocket that’s not yours. Understand your limitations, and write to your limitations.

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