[La Musica] JT Demand What’s His with New Song Titled, “Mine” {COSIGN}

JT, JT, JT, what can we say? You did it again bro! A couple weeks ago JT released his own rendition of a Justin Bieber record that he titled, “Selfish” and had not only the breezy’s going crazy but the homies was live about the record too. But, today JT gives us a different side, a more demanding approach with his new record titled, “Mine.” Peep some of the intro lyrics below:

Uhh, Ya’ll thinking yall the shit huh? It too late.
Real Mafuckas on the way
Real Mafuckas broke the gate down
Everybody else on the playground
Everybody else on the way down!

That’s just a teaser the lyrics go harder and harder. What I respect from the homie is the perfect combination of honesty mixed with confidence. With lines like these below how can you not rock with the homie. Check out the record and ¬†some of our favorite lines below and follow us on twitter. #CosignLife

Fake gold chain on my neck
Your gf on deck
Better start checking her txt
Better start checking your ex


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