Coolbeings artist Josh Rand, or what I like to call him, Thuggin Youngin, has seriously made A LOT of progress since his first show, which was at Club Dada when he opened for Devin the Dude. Since then, he has opened for Stalley, performed at local showcases, and he even had some performances at SXSW! Slim Gravy of A.Dd+ decided to team up with the young thug to create the track called “Untouchable”. I think the name fits perfectly for the both of them, and the video was incredible thanks to Jeff Adair. Anything that man makes is just…amazing. Big shout out to him for working with Coolbeings and Slim Gravy on this. Catch all of the Coolbeings in this video, as all of them had their cameos. The video wouldn’t be right without that! Peep the video above and share!

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