Jayson Lyric EXCLUSIVE!

Dallas’ own Jayson Lyric has blessed us at Cosign Mag with an exclusive track featuring David Empy titled “Lord Have Mercy”. This song is a song to definitely cruise around town bumping and will have you pressing repeat.

Press the link below to listen to this exclusive track.

I first heard of Jayson at an event where he caught my attention with his stage presence and his performance of his song “Do It”, which is my jam, and “Donald Trumpet” from his mix tape entitled Jayson Lyric Everything. Although I was a late listener, his mix tape already had 9,000 downloads on DatPiff, but once I began to listen I was instantly a fan.

With the title, Jayson Lyric Everything, you get exactly what is illustrated. This artist writes and produces all of his own songs. Jayson has very strong lyrical content that lies very beautifully on his self-made bed of beats. While listening to Jayson’s mix tape it gave me a feeling as if I was getting to know him, not only as an artist, but as a person. He talks about his aspirations, struggles, and his love for his family, as well as a list of many more topics. I could sit and recite lines from the mix tape all day, and I did take a few to acknowledge. Be on the look-out for Jayson and his new EP Coffee Table, which will be dropping 9/13. He also has a more recent mix tape titled Bar Crawl. Jayson also he can be contacted on twitter @JaysonLyric, and online at nhousepenthouse.com. Keep giving the DFW these hits Jayson, we #Cosign you.

Bar Crawl Quotes-

Bible on Dash- “Nobody believe you when you not achieving, so this is for the people who stopped believing. Momma told me the battle is not yours, so I been talking to God a lot more”

Jayson Lyric Everything Quotes-

Eyes Wide Open – “I never got compliments until I accomplished shit, even Obama gets turned down by them Congressmen”

Beginning of the N – “Looking back at them school like the only Nigga without Cool Greys, Never wanted to be ‘Like Mike’ unlike my class mates.”

RepN- “No, I ain’t no gang banger, ballin’ when it come to rap. Boy I am a game-changer”

Do it- “Tell yo friends I got friends, we can have a lock in. I’m talking sleep overs no PJs , how can we not sin ?”


Also peep “We The Future” Below.

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