From Left to Right: Parris (Marketing/Promotions), Brea (Editor), KG (Founder/Managing Director)

What a successful release party that was! First off, we’d like to thank everyone for coming out and for all of the continued support. So many of Dallas’ best artists and important people were in the building! A.Dd+ were the hosts and Haus Models provided the eye candy rocking the newest Cosign merchandise. Also present were members of Brain Gang and -topic and Kool Quise of Team From Nowhere. Some major highlights of the evening were the diamond earring give-a-ways courtesy of Louie The Jeweler, from Gem City Jewelry as well as us at Cosign Magazine giving away FREE Cosign merchandise. Founder of Coolbeings, Jesse Porter, was there hanging out and being cool, of course. One of our favorite bloggers, Channing Beumer of Chan-Lo.com, came to show her support as well. Both of our contributing photographers, Morgan Farruya & Shane McCormick blessed us with their talented selves! Also, our contributing writers, Chris Edwards made an appearance and Vanessa Quilantan, showed her beautiful face. Coolbeings Dj, DJ Blue, did a wonderful job keeping the chill jams in rotation, and threw in a few turn up jams at some points. We also appreciate Red Bull stopping by with drinks! Red Bull has showed us a lot of love and support and we truly appreciate it. Thank you! Shout out to Will Bolt of Matrimoney Clothing for coming through and Alex of ScoreMoreShows, too. We also can’t forget about Satori coming through. This woman gives us so, so much support! A few people that have shown support since DAY 1 and came through that evening were Ace Mitch, Dessie Brown, Baby Boi, J Rhodes, Candace of Black Tie PR, The JETT Show, and all of our friends and family that drove hours to come support us. To all of our readers that came through, we appreciate you guys for taking the time to come out. I mean you could have been anywhere else and you chose to spend 3 hours with us, as well as gear up on cosign apparel and cop your coffee table a new issue. Our designer, Isaiah Perkins, painted the cover of the magazine onto a canvas LIVE while the party was going on. He receives the “G” award for that. The painting looked too dope! Slim and Paris loved it. We presented the two with a blown up, framed photo/poster of the cover of the magazine, which they were very excited about! I know we only presented one at the party, but don’t worry; we had 2 made so that the each of them could have their own. *thumbs up*

We hope the next release is just as good as this one, if not better! Just wait until you see what we have in store!

See below for photo recap! Photos were taken by Roderick Pullum of RJP Photography! #Cosign

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