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COSIGN Magazine’s been busy. Since last time you read the “Words From The Editor” (which I’m told is a reader favorite), we were at the COSIGN Experience Weekend. Since then, we’ve had a successful awards show (The COSIGN Magazine Award Show and Gala) in November and won “2017 Best Magazine” at the “A Night For the Stars” award show. We’ve traveled around the country and abroad, but the one thing we haven’t done is … drop an issue.

So we’re back to our bread and butter, putting successful people’s stories to print as a means to inspire and give others the blueprint that those successful people followed. While not everyone can follow the same path to success, we hope to spark ideas in our entrepreneurial-minded readership to take them to the next level.

This issue’s cover features entrepreneur and former “Basketball Wives Star” Brandi Maxiell, and on the inside, we have The Mod Labb founder discussing her success, Dallas natives that have taken the leap of faith and moved to L.A., we tell you to (and how to) GTFOH!, we’ve got guys with the coolest jobs out there, we “Style A Sunflower” and much more.

Going forward, we’re planning the COSIGN Tour, so expect to see us in a variety of cities, planting the flag, and expanding the #COSIGNLife. In the meantime, check out this issue and we’ll keep the content coming. And stay tuned; we have some HUGE cover stories coming in 2018.

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Featured in this issue:
Brandi Maxiell
Jessica “Jake” Tafoya
Roman Malvaiz
Brandon Roby-Walker
James Fisher Jr.
Swaizi Vaughn
Black Menswear
+ more.

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